Melted Red Turtles
Gruesome Inheritance

Governed by our fear
Governed by our pain
Governed by our rage
Things stayed the same

We are all of us like an animal caught in a trap
Trying to work out who put that thing there
And why were they so cruel?
And why do they look so much like us?
Do they wear our skins?

I’m staying up too late at night
Trying to resolve all the dissonance in my head
And the hours are rolling by one by one
Bringing me closer to another troubled day

A virus of pain
Communicated through violence
Burning through history to Now
Constricting us with shame

I need to get out
I need to feel my chest loosen until I can breathe and think again
I have one Big Idea left
In the night it gives me some hope

Zygote Rhythm

I got a Biology Museum in my brains
I got Zygote Rhythm in my veins
I got a million critters in my hands
I got a fascination with interior lands

Red balls crash into white
Blue moon rolls at night

Red balls crash into white
Cells dance in the night